Giveaway - The Startup UX Strategy Bundle

A FREE collection of canvases and exercises we usually use during a project kick-off to learn more about the product and its challenges and clarify and align the ideas of those involved in the process.
Daniel Andor

Well, as you already know, most startups fail — nothing new here. But why not start the new year setting yours up for success?

Working with startups for quite some time, I noticed that most of the time, there are no clear definitions or understandings of what they do, what they sell, who they sell to, or how they actually do all this. In many cases, some of this information was "stored" in the founder's mind without the team knowing too much about this. Now, if there is more than 1 founder, things got even trickier — a lot of times, their slightly different understandings about crucial aspects made the whole situation even harder to manage.

Because it's not the '00s - '10s anymore, and there is definitely a similar product on the market to what you plan or want to build, it's not enough to launch a half-backed something and hope for the best. Most probably, it will never happen. Adding a new feature over a product already on the market is not a silver bullet strategy either, and a good UX is mandatory nowadays.

At the beginning of a new product, it's essential to understand the needs and challenges this new solution will solve and how it fits the existing ecosystem. This is why I start my projects by talking with the founders about target customers, customer journey, competitors, and gathering as much data as possible before starting to do the actual work.

I want to give a hand to those startup founders still trying to figure out these aspects, so I put together a Startup UX Strategy Bundle, filled with canvases I use myself for the projects I work on. Download them, and during the next couple of days, you'll get an email each day with one of the canvases and some explanations about how you should use it. Once you'll fill them out, share them with your team, and see what a mission-driven and aligned team can do for your product.

If you have questions or want to let me know how it goes, send over an email anytime.