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We help our clients build better products faster. We do all of this by starting most of our projects with our superweapon-the Durran Design Sprint.

Our superweapon

Durran Design Sprint

Our superweapon is a proven process that delivers better results faster - Durran Design Sprint. It is a powerful process that allows us to jump into any project, discover the main challenges, prioritize, and execute those producing the greatest impact.
We can align teams for common objectives, save budgets, and potentially months of work while delivering great digital products.
Durran Design Sprints are good for validating ideas, prototyping, and building better digital products as well as solving any significant challenges your startup might be facing.

Design your MVP

Product (UX / UI) Design

Get closer to your MVP and keep the Design Sprint's momentum going with focussed and targeted deliverables.
We'll create solutions for the agreed design challenges and keep in touch with you during the whole process.

No more useless meetings

Rapid Innovation Workshop

Replace all those open discussions that usually happen in a traditional brainstorming session with a structured process so you can generate more ideas, make clearer decisions, and have actionable outcomes.

Scale your product

Growth Sprint

By combining methodologies from Hacking Growth and Design Sprint, we'll help you identify challenges and bottlenecks your customers face while using your product and develop relevant strategies.
Converting, activating, and retaining customers are among the most common pain points we help to solve.

Learn the process

Design Sprint Training

Want to learn the big tech companies' process to solve big challenges, align your team, and build better products faster?
We offer an intensive workshop for you and your team to learn the Design Sprint process and incorporate it into your workflow.

Human-centered kick-off

UX Workshop

Whether you have to define your User Persona, create a Customer Journey Map or do Competitor Analysis, we'll use the workshop built around the Design Thinking process to align your team and help you come up with viable and user-centered solutions.

Friends, not just clients

You are in good hands

“Daniel is hard working, detail oriented and up to date in UX/UI. His work is something users can’t ignore. When user satisfaction is important, when you’re dealing with millions of users you want to make sure you constantly improve product and UX. Daniel is very logical, highly intellectual with impressive intuition about how users use the products, and he is among the top #3 of the best product people I worked with.“

Raul Popa
Raul Popa
CEO & Co-Founder @ TypingDNA

"Working with Daniel was a real fresh and so much needed experience in such hard times for our project. Using nice and simple methods, he managed to give us a new ambitious perspective which we put into practice in a short time. He works hard and smart, and transforms products into something "wow" :). Looking forward to new projects in which he can help us."

Costina Papari
Costina Papari
Project Manager @

As a startup founder it feels so good when you meet & get the chance to work with passionate, professional people because they really add value to the business in no time. He provided us with great work in short time even though we’ve never met in person. He is creative and efficient.

Catrinel Hagivreta
Catrinel Hagivreta
CEO & Co-Founder @ MEDIjobs

Daniel is an awesome UI/UX designer, not only because of his skill but also his willingness to become a chief stakeholder in your company's success. Daniel goes above and beyond to provide critical feedback, give his thoughts, offer pushback, and act as if he were a longtime member of your team. Hire Daniel because he's skilled; hire Daniel because he actually cares about your product and, therefore, success.

Jason Patel
Jason Patel
Founder @Transizion

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