Helping Junior UX/UI Designers to advance their career

You want to learn more about UX/UI Design? Do you feel overwhelmed or don't know what to do, or where to start? You're thinking from switching from a full-time job to freelancing? I think I can help you.
Daniel Andor

I’ve been in your shoes

As a self-taught UI/UX Designer, I've been in your shoes. I started to learn design by myself from various sources (books, courses, articles - you name it).
Since then I worked with several startups and enterprise companies, helping them grow their businesses. I had several roles, like UX/UI Designer, Product Designer, Design Lead and Assistant Product Manager; all this gave me the opportunity to see and understand the whole product development ecosystem.
From 2017 I switched to working as a freelancer. In the last couple of years I started to do mentoring sessions on various platforms, helping junior designers learn the basics, improve their skills or upgrade their portfolio.
I’m also the founder of our local design community, where we try to help local designers learn new things and grow together.
2020 came with a new milestone for me. I started to create my design agency - Durran - in order to offer even better services for startups, but also a place where I can nurture the careers of other designers.

Dani is super helpful and knows tons of great resources. Plus – he walks you through his designs, giving you a better idea. It was always a great experience learning from Dani.

Eloise Stanciof
Eloise Stanciof

I really enjoyed my time learning from Dani. He was really supportive and gave very good constructive feedback, which really helped with my development.

James Milto
James Milto

How it works and pricing

Because this whole process requires trust and commitment, before you schedule a call, please share some information about yourself and write a few words about what you are looking to learn from the coaching session. In case I don't think I’m a good fit or I can’t help you, I’ll email you with some other options (free of charge).

90€ / coaching session

1 hour one-on-one


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Dear junior UI/UX designer …

If you wonder how to start in this new adventure, go through this post and hopefully it will give you some answers.
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UX / UI Design Resources

A collection of free design resources for UX / UI Designers