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You have a great idea but don’t have enough resources to pay for our services? We might be able to help you.
Because we really love to give back to the community, from time to time, we take on pro bono projects as well.
If you are an NGO and have an idea in EdTech, Future of Work, HealthTech or any other industry that you are sure would really make the world a better place, and would benefit from our expertise in doing so, don’t hesitate to send us a message.
Complete the form below & pitch us your idea. We’ll analyze your answers and let you know if we can help you somehow.
* This doesn’t mean that we’ll do free work for everybody. Please keep in mind that, though we love to help, we have limited time & resources.

“I had the pleasure to work with Daniel for over 5 years on products with millions of users. It would be unfair to give credit to anyone else in the teams for improving the conversion funnel to the very last detail.
Daniel is very logical, highly intellectual with impressive intuition about how users use the products, and he is among the top #3 of the best product people I worked with.”

Raul Popa

“Working with Daniel was a breath of fresh air for our project at a time when we were struggling. He gave us a new ambitious perspective which we were able to put into practice quickly. He transforms problems into a-ha moments.”

Costina Papari

“Daniel is a brilliant product guy and passionate designer. Overall, he is driven by delivering results. Working with Daniel was a fantastic experience.”

Andrei Negrau
Siena AI

“Daniel is not only an asset because he’s a highly skilled product designer, but because he’s willing to become the chief stakeholder in your product’s success. He goes above and beyond to provide critical feedback and challenge the team. He actually cares about your product, and therefore, success.”

Jason Patel

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