The role of UX in Startups - 2022 survey summary

Do you wonder what role #UX plays in startups' success? I did, so I asked the founders to share their perspectives.
Daniel Andor

Back in December 2021, I put together a questionnaire to learn more about how startup founders and product people think about UX and its role in their #startups.

With help from Launch & Make IT, I managed to get 48 answers.

As you'll see in the infographic, most founders said that UX plays a crucial role in their startup. Also, the most significant UX struggles they mentioned were things like:
✅ Understand the customers, their needs and pain-points
✅ Build the right product / #MVP for my customers
✅ Make the platform easier to use
✅ Improve important KPIs - Customer Retention, Customer Satisfaction, Churn

To quote one of the founders:

"User experience can ultimately set you off for success. It is indispensable for my startup so that it can fulfil its mission and deliver the desired solution that can meet the needs of my target audience. After establishing my startup's scope and long-term vision, it was the next step we considered."

Check out the infographic to get all the nitty-gritty details