Edus – Streamlining the onboarding process for a major EdTech platform

When Romania locked down in 2020, education was hit hard. We were driven to ensure students, teachers, and parents had better access to the needed resources.
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About Edus

Edus is a complete education management solution. It has more than 100.000 active users and is present in 650+ schools across Romania. It's known for helping all beneficiaries of the education system get together on the same platform. With years of experience working with the education system, Edus helps teachers focus on teaching by reducing the time they need to spend on administrative work.

The challenge

During our collaboration, we focused on solving 2 main challenges:

  • Streamline the onboarding process for teachers
  • Improve the overall user experience of the platform for all the key stakeholders (teachers, students, and parents)


  1. Tested and validated design direction and onboarding flow
  2. Clearly defined target customers and customer journey maps
  3. Development-ready design assets

“Working with Daniel was a breath of fresh air for our project at a time when we were struggling. He gave us a new ambitious perspective which we were able to put into practice quickly. He transforms problems into a-ha moments.”

Costina Papari
Costina Papari
Product Manager @ Edus
Edus Platform Redesign UX Design

The full story


In 2020, the Romanian school system was forced to undergo a massive digitalization process due to the government's lockdown.

During this period, there were some pressing issues to consider too:

  • A significant part of the teachers is not very tech-savvy and resistant to change.
  • Many students don't have internet access, email addresses, or even devices.
  • Romania's educational system is outdated.

The process

Our engagement with Edus had 3 phases:

  • Research and Strategy
  • Create and test solutions / Design Sprint
  • Product Design – to prepare the assets for development

During this time, we worked closely with the Founder, Product Manager, CTO, Marketing Specialist, and Business Developer to ensure we came up with the right solutions for the identified challenges.

Edus platform overview
edus preview

Research and strategy

Our strategy workshops with the product leaders from Edus focused on understanding the product and its context.

We've achieved this by mapping their insights, main challenges, goals, competitors, and all the critical aspects of the business.

This was also an excellent time to define the primary target customer and customer journey map, providing even more clarity on the challenge we should focus on.

Research and strategy – outcomes

  1. Clear overview of the product's context, strong points and weak points, and the challenges the business is facing.
  2. Defined user persona and customer journey map.
  3. Precise understanding of their customers' biggest struggle regarding the platform – the onboarding process.

Create and test solutions

The second phase of the project was about creating solutions.

We started by interviewing our experts – the founder and the product manager – to find the key challenges and get a common ground with all the team members involved.

The interviews provided excellent input for the next step, helping the team align on the business's long-term goal and the critical challenges that could stop us from getting there:

  • Can we help reduce the teachers’ workload?
  • Can we service 3 mil. users on the platform?

Having a clear understanding of the challenge, we researched how others tried to solve similar challenges – Masterclass,, InVision, etc.

Then came the solution phase, when each team member created a pen-and-paper sketch to showcase their vision.

edus workshop screenshot

Once we agreed on the direction, we created a storyboard of the concept to clarify all aspects. This served as the foundation for the clickable high-fidelity prototype that will be tested with our target audience – teachers.

Test with target customers

We tested the prototype with 3 teachers to gather feedback on the new flow and design.

We presented the findings to the Edus team and made some minor adjustments – reorganized the sidebar menu and proposed delaying the development of some features.

Create and test solutions – outcomes

  1. Validated design direction and onboarding flow.
  2. A clear understanding of the customers' problems and possible solutions – simplified onboarding, letting users into the platform even if they don't have an email address, reorganizing the sidebar, etc.
  3. Development-ready design file with tested and validated user flow and design direction.

The finishing touches – Product Design

After testing the prototype, we used all the learnings and feedback to improve the final solution, create the rest of the pages and prepare the assets for the development stage.

Besides this, we created the Design System, so the developers can use it to complete all the necessary elements and states.

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