Satvic Movement – Defining and testing an MVP for an online holistic health education platform

Creating the digital home for a health-conscious workshop community that supports them daily in their quest to improve their lifestyle.
Satvic Movement
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About Satvic Movement

Satvic Movement is an online holistic health education platform, founded by Subah and Harshvardhan. They run multiple online workshops for those interested in improving their health and offer free resources through their social profiles, where they are followed by 7+ million people combined.

The challenge

With a growing list of workshops and an already large workshop attendance of 15,000 - 20,000 participants, managing everything spread across multiple platforms and maintaining high engagement rates became increasingly difficult.
With a plan to scale in different geographies and time zones the current setup of daily live workshops became unsustainable.
These challenges necessitated a unified platform to accommodate their community and provide all the necessary details and resources to maximize workshop participation.


  1. Established a baseline for the product and target audience.
  2. Defined the MVP for the mobile app and tested it with workshop attendees to gather their feedback.
  3. Designed the MVP and prepared assets for development, incorporating the collected feedback.
  4. Achieved 50,000+ downloads on app stores.

“We are very pleased with the sprint's results – from the initial workshops, the prototype, to the user feedback – it all came together seamlessly. We were so delighted with the outcomes that we decided to extend to a 3rd week to finalize the UI/UX of the app for development. The results are crystal clear for us – within 2-3 weeks, we had a ready-to-develop prototype, a process that could have taken 45-60 days with a typical UI/UX team. It saved us a lot of time and made the experience enjoyable too.”

Harshvardhan Saraf
Harshvardhan Saraf
Co-founder @ Satvic Movement

The full story


Founded in 2017, Satvic's list of workshops grew rapidly. Combined with a large following on all social media profiles, it led to 15,000 - 20,000 participants in their workshops, with a completion rate of around 50%. However, running these workshops live every day was not scalable, especially with plans to sell courses outside of India.
The tech setup for delivering workshops was spread across multiple platforms, posing challenges such as inactive participation, unauthorized sharing of links, lack of replay options, and inability to track participants' progress.

The process

The collaboration with the Satvic team had 3 phases:

  • Understanding the context (research and strategy)
  • Creating and testing solutions
  • Product Design (designing assets and preparing for handover)

During this period we worked closely with the founders and their team to make sure we nail all the details for the MVP.

Edus platform overview
edus preview

Understanding the context

In the initial phase, we focused on comprehending the business context to determine the appropriate MVP.
Together with the founders, we mapped the critical product building blocks, defined target customers and competitors, outlined goals and vision, and identified key metrics. We also addressed critical assumptions and mapped the workshop participant flow to define the MVP.

Understanding the context – outcomes

  1. Defined user persona and user story map
  2. Identified critical assumptions and devised a testing plan
  3. Obtained a clear overview of the business context
  4. Defined the MVP

Creating and testing solutions

With a solid understanding of the business landscape, we progressed to creating a solution prototype for testing with workshop participants. Through workshops, we aligned the team on goals, outlined long-term objectives, identified potential challenges, researched competitors and ideas, and crafted sketches of possible solutions.

edus workshop screenshot

Test with target customers

We tested the prototype with 5 workshop participants to gather feedback and insights on several critical parts of the MVP:

  • Participants preferred using laptops over phones to watch the workshops.
  • Participants were fine with recorded sessions as long as they maintained the community.
  • The user flow was straightforward.
  • People needed more context on why we asked for certain details like location and birthday.
  • There should be a way for people to remember when the next workshop is (calendar sync, notification, etc.).

Before moving to the design phase, we discussed the findings with the Satvic team and agreed on some minor adjustments:

  • Removing confusing steps.
  • Ensuring the product is usable on desktops too, though mobile remains the focus.
  • Reviewing the visual aspect of the prototype to ensure it aligns with Satvic's existing assets.

Create and test solutions – outcomes

  1. Validated MVP features
  2. Received feedback on the app idea and flow
  3. Addressed critical assumptions
  4. Identified necessary fixes before app launch

The finishing touches – Product Design

The final phase involved designing all MVP assets and preparing for development.

Building upon the prototype, we incorporated feedback from customers and clients, designed all flows and states, and developed a design system to streamline the development process.
In the end, we design all the flows, and states and put together a design system to ease the development process.

Want to learn more?

Here is the step-by-step walkthrough of how we helped the Satvic team to define, test and design their MVP.

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