ProfiCircle – Transforming the fit-out construction industry

How we helped ProfiCircle in its quest to develop a digital platform for fit-out construction projects and significantly cut down on waiting times for receiving validated offers.
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About ProfiCircle

ProfiCircle is an all-in-one digital platform for fit-out construction projects. It aims to reduce waiting times for receiving validated offers and manage the entire purchasing cycle through the platform.

The challenge

With aspirations to expand in Europe, the ProfiCircle team aimed to build a platform capable of supporting their plans. However, the existing platform fell short of expectations, and customers preferred contacting the sales team via email or phone.


  1. Redefining product flows and user personas
  2. Mapping out assumptions, emphasizing critical assumptions
  3. Validating user flows with customers
  4. Completely redesigning the platform

“The experience of working with Durran was highly professional. They demonstrated a profound understanding of our users' preferences. The results surpassed our expectations, providing a new design and simplified user flow. I highly recommend them.”

Eduard Daniliuc
Eduard Daniliuc
Co-founder & CEO @ ProfiCircle

The full story


While ProfiCircle had a platform for some time, it was not performing as expected.

Customers struggled to grasp the product, opting not to use it.

To receive the desired project offers, customers preferred reaching out to the sales team via email and phone.

For ProfiCircle's European expansion plans, this approach was unsustainable. Thus, they sought to revamp the product, laying the groundwork for future growth.

Finding a way to guide customers through necessary steps without excessive support was vital.

The process

We divided the project into 3 phases:

  1. Understanding the context - We focused on gaining a clear overview of the product, challenges, and context. This involved conducting a UX audit, defining user personas and customer journeys, mapping critical assumptions, and reviewing existing data.
  2. Creating and testing solutions - Utilizing the Sprint method, we collaborated with the team to align, research, create solutions, prototype, and test with customers.
  3. Product design - Building upon the tested solution and insights from usability testing, we ensured the ProfiCircle team had everything necessary to develop the new platform.
Edus platform overview
edus preview

Understanding the context

In this initial phase, we focused on understanding the business context and challenges to devise better solutions.

To evaluate the current state of the platform, we conducted a UX Audit, uncovering pain points in the customer journey.

Then, together with the founders, we reviewed critical aspects of the product - its purpose, target audience, problems they aim to solve, goals, metrics, etc. We also briefly assessed competitors and defined user personas and customer journeys.

Mapping critical assumptions helped identify potential risks.

Understanding the context – outcomes

  1. Defined user personas and customer journeys
  2. A clear understanding of existing blind spots
  3. Comprehensive overview of the business context and challenges

Creating and testing solutions

During the solution creation phase, we collaborated with the ProfiCircle team and used the collected insights to develop a testable prototype.

We began by ensuring team alignment, collectively defining challenges, goals, and potential obstacles.

Then we conducted research and concept sketching, concluding the workshops by defining the solution to test with customers.

edus workshop screenshot

Testing with target customers

For usability testing, we created a prototype and presented it to 8 customers to gather feedback on the website and main platform flows.

This provided valuable insights into customer preferences and challenges:

  • Most customers preferred contacting via email or phone rather than using the platform.
  • Initial project submissions could be updated in some cases.
  • Customers often requested multiple offers for the same project.

Feedback on the prototype was mainly positive, with some adjustments needed for RFQ submissions.

Creating and testing solutions – outcomes

  1. Feedback on the new platform flow directly from customers
  2. Insights into customer challenges and preferences

Product Design

Starting from the tested prototype, we incorporated feedback from customers and the ProfiCircle team, finalizing the design system and all necessary flows and states for development.

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