Pick – Empowering ride-share drivers

Designing a personal assistant dedicated to helping ride-share excel in their professional journey, from initial paperwork to financial management and beyond.
5 weeks
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Discovery workshop
MVP Definition
User Testing
UX Design
UI Design
Design System

The challenges

We teamed up with the Pick crew to craft a product that simplifies the daunting paperwork for ride-sharing licenses — which can involve over 13 different documents. Our mission was to prevent drivers from feeling overwhelmed.

With driver support at its core, the app also needed to assist with financial management and offer valuable discounts, making it an all-encompassing resource for drivers.

About Pick

Pick is a central hub designed specifically for ride-share drivers. From day one, it guides them through the complex paperwork process, then transitions into a personal assistant, providing access to financial statistics, exclusive discounts, and all the tools needed to maximize job efficiency.


  1. Critical insights: Mapped out key elements such as user personas, flows, competitors, and assumptions.
  2. MVP definition: Defined the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for the mobile app and conducted testing with drivers to gather real-world feedback.
  3. Design execution: Designed the MVP, incorporating user feedback, and prepared the assets for development.

“We engaged with Durran to help us create a smooth onboarding flow for our customers while navigating the data that needed to be uploaded. As a result, we identified and addressed process issues, leading to smoother user experiences and valuable early feedback on our product. We're delighted with the outcome and the meticulous approach taken throughout the project.”

Eduard Daniliuc
Tudor Beiu
Co-founder @ PICK

The full story

The process

Our collaboration revolved around 3 key milestones:

  1. Understanding the context: Collaborated with the founders to gain a clear understanding of the challenges and the business landscape.
  2. Creating and testing solutions: Worked with the founding and development teams to create and test solutions with five ride-share drivers.
  3. Product design: Designed the final product based on feedback from the prototype testing.
Edus platform overview
edus preview

Understanding the context

We worked closely with the founders to map out the critical building blocks of the product and business, including insights, assumptions, personas, and flows. This thorough understanding paved the way to define the MVP.

Creating and testing solutions

Together, we researched and sketched concepts to ensure the best possible experience for future users, while considering business needs and legal constraints.Then, we tested the prototype with five ride-share drivers, focusing on the onboarding flow where drivers upload their documents. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, providing us with key insights.

Product Design

Bringing it all together, we designed the product and prepared the development assets, ensuring a seamless transition from concept to reality.

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